Viking, – dress, garment, clothing. By Nille Glæsel.


Foreword by Thor Ewing.

If you don’t already know Nille Glæsel, you might yet know her clothes. Through years creating reconstructions for museums and re-enactment, she has made outfits for many of today’s best-dressed Vikings. Her clothes are always distinguished by their elegant design and excellent workmanship.

But this book is more than just a wonderful showcase for Nille’s beautiful clothes. Through simple, easy-to-follow instructions, Nille shows how you can create these garments for yourself.

In doing so, she puts her experience as a seamstress at your fingertips. Her careful instructions show the same attention to detail that makes her own work look like real clothes rather than mere theatrical mock-ups. The book also includes an excellent guide to textile craft skills and sewing techniques – Nille’s introduction to tablet weaving is the clearest I know.

For me, it’s also fascinating to see how someone else has interpreted the archaeological evidence. Although published now for the first time, Nille’s book was actually completed at about the same time as my own Viking Clothing. At that time I had a number of patterns at the back of my mind, some of them similar to those you’ll see here and others not. If you’re interested in the comparison, some of my own ideas will be published later this year.

As Nille points out, we may never know for sure what the Vikings really wore, but if you want to make yourself a beautiful Viking outfit, according to tried-and-tested patterns, this is absolutely the book for you.

All you need now is a needle . . .


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ISBN 9781494475222

Content. 204 p

Foreword by Thor Ewing. Foreword by Lars Erik Narmo. Introduction.

The archaelogical material.

The Textile Tools.: he warp-weighted loom. The Fabric.  Bobbins. Wool Combs and Drop Spindles.  Tabletweaving. Nålebinding. Natural Coloring.

Dresses for woman: The Long Shift.  The Suspended Dress.  Frontpiece to the Suspended Dress. Dress with Side Gusset. Dress with side and middle gusset . Coat. The Cape

Garments for gentlemen: The Shirt/Tunic. Tunic with added Sleeve. The Skjoldehamn Garment. Coat with Diagonal Closing. Trousers. The Trousers. Leggings. Loincloth. The Cloak. Kilt .  Hood.

Childrens clothing:  Long Shift.  Shift/Tunic. The Apron Dress. Trousers . Hood.

Tablet weaving. Bobbin braid. Natural Dyeing .

Sewing Technique :The side gusset. The middle gusset. The Herjolfsnes  gusset. Square sleeve gusset.  The triangular gusset in a sleeve. Neck edge. The Hedeby sleeve. Neck slit reinforcement. Straps. Adjustment of the lower edge. Sew on bobbin braids. Attach tablet woven b raid. Old seams.

Measure form. Pattern diagrams. Photo Index. Litteratur.

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